Kitchen Division

Kitchen Division

Al-Ajhizah Al-Muttahidah Commercial Co. enjoys more than 25 years of experience in this field and has a highly skilled technical support team that operates all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Complete design of the kitchen layouts with electro-mechanical drawings from small kitchens in private estates to central kitchens with mass feeding of up to hundreds of thousands of meals at a time, a day.
  • Sales, commissioning and after sales service for industrial kitchen equipment.
  • Complete food self service lines.
  • Commercial bakeries and pastries (using fully automatic bread making equipment)
  • Cold and Freezer Stores.

We serve both the private and public sectors and our clients include

  • Private villas and palaces
  • Cafés and Cafe chains
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Catering companies
  • Universities
  • Military camps
  • Housing Projects
  • Prison facilities
  • Others


Cooking line includes, boiling pans for the soups, tilting braising pans for the rice, grills, lava grills, deep fryers, cooking ranges, ovens, convection ovens and combi ovens, neutral units such as tables, cabinets and shelves.

For Cafés / Lounges

Ice makers, coffee machines, juice extractors, juice blenders, baking ovens, pizza ovens, salamanders, toasters, cake displays, glass and dish washers and others…

For Industrial applications

Complete Arabic bread making equipment, Automatic rice making equipment, Vegetable tunnel washers, Barbeque tunnels, Automatic deep fry tunnels, Steam operated equipment and other industrial equipment specifically tailored to your requirements.

Whatever your application is, we will provide you with a complete package from the beginning of the design stage until the after sales service so that you get the most feasible, professional and efficient facility so that you can concentrate better on your essential business.