Our Services


The best way to ensure a smooth installation is to have us design your facility before procuring your equipment. This way you will make sure that when you order your equipment, it will all fit in its designated location without any surprises.

When we design, we begin by understanding what your requirements are, based on your type of business. Every facility will function differently depending on the venue type and therefore every design will be unique to that one location you have chosen to work with.

We will listen to your ideas and get from you all the input that you can give us, after all the person who knows best how to run your business is you. During our design process we will share with you our expertise from dealing with many different customers and venues, being in this business for over 25 years, we have a rich bank of information which may help you in one way or another to make your facility more efficient and productive whilst complying with the local municipality regulations.

Supply & Installation

Representing more than 25 manufacturers from around the world, mainly from Europe and the US, you will always find your request with us. The majority of brands that we work with, we have been using for more than 15 years as they have proven to be of high quality and our clients have kept on asking for them all these years. Starting January 2016 all our electrical equipment will be SASO certified according to the regulations set by the ministry of commerce.

Installation is carried out by our diverse technical team some having more than 25 years of expertise in the installation of equipment with our company. Our teams are fully equipped to handle all installations concerning kitchen and laundry equipment.

After Sales

The products that we sell you come with an automatic 1 year warranty on parts and labor. This year could be extended to another year for a small charge. After the warranty period, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for the products we sell you for another 10 years. Our technical teams carry out maintenance requests all over the Kingdom, on the spot without having to send your equipment to our workshops. Spare parts are usually readily available in our stores as per manufacturer’s recommendations for fast dispatch to your facility.